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Sharp Tyre Killer

Mechatronix Tyre Killer are specially designed for use at sites requiring high levels of security and dealing with high traffic pressure. Our products are simple to install and provide excellent level of efficiency in vehicle control. These are ideally suited for approach entrances to banks, military installations,airports, cash collection depots and other such organizations. Mechatronix Tyre Killers are extremely heavy duty and easy to install.

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sharp tyre killers

Features of Mechatronix Tyre Killer

  • Tyre Killer Frame Fabricated from 3 and 6 mm thick MS angle iron box sections.
  • Central shaft for arming and disarming the flow controller (if required).
  • Individually replaceable MS blades
  • Interior and exterior installations.
  • Independent free operating 10mm thick MS blades with vertical height of 3 to 4 inches from the surface.
  • No routine maintenance.
  • Origin: Locally Fabricated.
  • Height : 230 mm, Depth: 325 mm, Length: as per requirement.

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