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Security Turnstiles - Mechatronix

We deliver a broad range of high quality turnstile solutions that meet our customer’s expectations. All models integrate with almost every brand of access control systems available in market and provide high level of reliability and efficiency in operation. In these days of heightened security, it is imperative to have a durable and reliable security system. Our turnstile solutions offer improved security and extended flow capacity.

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Features of Mechatronix Turnstiles

  • High traffic volumes.
  • High security standards.
  • Severe operating conditions.
  • Interior and exterior installations.
  • No routine maintenance.
  • Options for indoor and outdoor installations.
  • 3-Year Guarantee.

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Instead of following the traditional security system mechatronix offer a complete range of security system which enables you to afford the security equipment to your premises. We know our customers and understand their needs so we can provide the best measures to protect their business assets.

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