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Mechatronix Pakistan have always focused on the target, surpassing the expectations of our customers. Our fire Door is designed for both residential and commercial applications, providing security, strength and sound & heat insulation. Fire rated doors are designed to be installed in new and existing compartments areas to separate different zoning areas. They are usually used in shopping complexes, offices and factories and residential apartments. The sides of fire proof doors are finely lined with fire seals and smoke seals which expand to seal the door on exponentially rising temperatures.

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Two fire rated doors in blue and yellow color.
Two fire rated doors in blue and yellow color.


Mechatronix fire doors are rated from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, as per client requirements. Increased rating means additional structural reinforcement with skeletal MS pipes and rockwool filling along with honeycomb panel and air chamber.

  • • Structural Strengthening with MS Rectangular Pipe Skeleton, MS Sheet Panes
  • • Honey Comb Panel, Air Chamber, Vacuum Chamber
  • • Powder Coating, Epoxy Base Coat, Enamel Finish
  • • Panic Bar, Push Bar, Trim Lock
  • • Optional Door Automation/ Motorization
  • • Relatively deep excavation needed for blocker fitting
  • • Rust prevention through galvanizing, surface protection through epoxy coating
  • • Enamel top coat with user-defined color scheme
  • • Easy integration with Biometric Devices and RFID cards

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